Stage 1: Foundation

This step is imperative to understanding the focus of the SEO push. What is your law firm’s goal? What method will you use to reach your intended audience? Research is key during this stage.  You must compile all the relevant searches (based on keywords) and attempt to construct a master list. You can start with the practice you are in and think of variations of words. This master list will be used throughout your campaign and will be the yard stick by which your attempt is judged (pun intended).  Look at your competition, analyze them carefully. What keywords are bringing them success and exactly how many clicks are they driving? Chances are if something is working well for them, then (with a little ingenuity) it can work for you. Measure your success on your terms; Has your campaign increased site traffic? Has your campaign increased ranking? How many sales conversions have occurred from the push? Do you have new clients contacting you?

Stage 2: Best Keywords

Do your keywords “speak the customer’s language?” That means, if you’re an divorce lawyer, write “divorce lawyer”, not “attorney at law that seeks clients wishing to separate legally from their spouse.”  Once you have decided on a master list, make sure that your content contains them. DO NOT “STUFF” THEM INTO YOUR CONTENT. This could put you in a position to be begging Google for reconsideration (link to a video from Google regarding reconsideration).  Remember there are four forms of keywords: Plural, Past, Future, and Present. Make sure to incorporate all of them into your content to best optimize search engine placement.

Stage 3: The Right Method, The Right Result

How do people see your site? Is it accurately portraying the image your firm exemplifies? More importantly how does Googlebot see your site! Do you have an XML sitemap that is up to date? Do you have broken links and menu items that lead to nowhere? SEO isn’t just a one-an-done procedure, It’s a long term commitment to improve the visibility of your law firm’s web site through the smart use of software, design, and good old fashioned know how. It’s not enough to put a site up and hope that someone will find it. There are millions of sites out there, make sure yours has a competitive edge by employing sound SEO technique and industry best practices. There is no shortage of information that drills down into very specific detail how to properly design and populate your site, why not go out and grab (link to proper design of website page) some.

Stage 4: Door to Door

Linkbuilding is absolutely necessary. Put together a list of sites that are not in competition with you, contact them and ask to place links on their site to you, and yours to them. Increase your law firm’s visibility by linking to relevant sites like the bar association, or trial attorneys association. This is most certainly one of the critical and often not practiced pieces of SEO. Mutual benefit comes from trading links. You accomplish a few things:

1. Your site automatically becomes more visible to search engines

2. You increase the opportunity of someone to click back to your site for a possible sales conversion

3. You can create strong and beneficial B2B relationships

You must take care when approaching a prospective linkbuilding partner. There are a lot of spam-like emails floating around requesting the same relationship you are. Differentiate yourself by offering real contact information, or even a request for a phone meeting.

Stage 5: Indexing

This step is relatively easy, you can pay an SEO company to do it for you, or utilize any number of the free search engine indexing services. Youll find that most search engines have a section that will allow you to submit your site to them. Before you submit, make sure your robots.txt and your XML sitemap are current. This will avoid any further delay and getting you out there.

Stage 6: Get Noticed

Social media, inbound links, trade publications, forums, blogs and videos are all methods by which you can get your company out from web obscurity. There are numerous free posting sites out there that go a long way in making your law firm’s SEO campaign more effective. Choose the right sites and you could have yourself in the spotlight in no time. However, be very careful with the posts on your personal sites, your name is not attached to your company and SEO campaigns will shine a very bright light on all things you.

Stage 7: Measure Success

There are numerous ways to track the success of your SEO campaign. I suggest using the plethora of tools that Google offers. It can be a bit daunting at times using analytics and webmaster tools, but they are free, require nothing more than posting some code in your site, and very robust. If you are feeling froggy enough, you can even develop your own functionality using Google’s API.

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