If you’re looking to achieve top seo rankings then it’s important to learn how to do search engine optimization the right way from seo experts. The term seo (search engine optimization) is often highly debated, widely controversial, and completely misunderstood by most in the industry. There are a lot of so called “seo experts” in the industry but only a select few truly know what they are doing.

If you’re looking to achieve top seo rankings then it’s important to find seo experts that will teach you the steps on how to do it right. It’s important to know that search engine optimization is a step by step process that takes time. There’s no quick fix to achieving top seo rankings, however there are some seo techniques that if followed properly will launch your content onto the first page of the search engines very quickly.

So what are these proper seo techniques and how do you know which search engine optimization “experts” you can trust?

Go to Better Networker, and Warrior Forum, and do a search on these “gurus.” You’ll see if these so called leaders are who they say they are by what information pops up.

The legit seo leaders have a lot people writing testimonies and articles about them.

Sites like Better Networker and Warrior forum will give you a lot of information about who these leaders really are. If you see the title “instructor” on their profiles on Better Networker then you could be certain that they are reputable.

On Warrior Forum, do a search for these gurus and see how many posts that they’ve done and how many times that they’ve been “thanked.” Go to Warrior Forum special offers and see if these “seo experts” are actively posting worthwhile deals to Warrior forum members. Make sure to read the reviews that other members are writing about them.

Another way to tell if someone is legitimate is to do a Google search on them and see how many articles and reviews are written on their company.

When you type the name of the company or leader into Google, check out the top 10 sites that pop up. If you see sites with the companies domain name included in them like (company name) bonus, review, plus,.net, then chances are they are a legitimate company because these sites are probably run by their affiliates who are capitalizing on the original company’s success.

*Hint Hint-If you see a company that has a lot of reviews and looks legit then check to see if,.org, review, or bonus domains are available. This little hint is a tremendous way to get top seo rankings. Start a website using the original domain with these extensions added and you’ll have a good shot at achieving top seo rankings.

So now that you know how to tell if a seo company or “expert” is legit, what are the steps to achieving top seo rankings?

I’m about to share with you some highlighted steps on how to achieve top search engine rankings. If you want to learn these steps in more detail then I highly recommend the course “Traffic Cipher” by Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos.

This course is one of the best seo courses in the industry and the great part is that these leader are “instructors” on Better Networker. These seo guru’s come highly recommended by industry icon Mike Dillard, so you know that they are legit.

How to Achieve Top Seo Rankings:

(Disclaimer: This is intended to be a highlighted version only. )

* Reserve a domain name with the keyword in the beginning of the domain.

* Own a self-hosted blog, preferably on a WordPress platform.

* Have the keyword in your site title, description, and keywords section using the “All in One Seo Pack” plugin in WordPress.

* Proper keyword research is essential for every piece of content that you submit on your blog.

Here are the Keys to look for when doing proper keyword research on your competitors:

* Domain age

* Page rank

* Google index count

* Number of page backlinks

* Number of domain backlinks

* Number &. gov backlinks

* DMOZ directory listing

* Yahoo directory listing

* Check to see if the keyword is in your competitors title, url, description, and header

(Is your heading spinning yet? Don’t Worry! I highly recommend using a tool called Market Samurai, which is one of the best keyword tools on the internet. This keyword analysis tool makes keyword research easy to do and will save you countless hours of having to do painful keyword research on your own. If you are looking for top seo rankings then this keyword tool is essential.)

Make sure that every blog post includes:

* H1, h2, and h3 header tags

* Set alt tags for all images

* Add rel=”nofollow” to external links

* Link to at least one other page on your site within each post

* Keyword density between 1-5%

* Have your keyword in the first and last sentence of your article

* Decorate your keywords with different font decorations

(Is your heading spinning yet? Don’t Worry! There’s a WordPress Plugin called Seo Pressor, by Daniel Tan, which helps you you do each of the steps above. Daniel Tan is highly respected Warrior Forum member as well. This tool makes blogging easy and will increase your chances at top seo rankings. Don’t even think about blogging without using this plugin, unless you’re already an seo expert.)

Achieving top seo rankings takes a lot of time and hard work. It’s not an easy process and don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that it is. However, if you partner with the right seo leaders that will teach you how to do it the right way from the start, then the process becomes easy and achieving top seo rankings quickly is realistic.

The best advice that I could give you is to have patience, set realistic expectations, give seo the time it deserves, and you’ll achieve top seo rankings.

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