In case you have your business online presence and you would like to improve seo ranking then you need to know that initially you need to concentrate on five factors rather than just throwing your money on some cheap seo package that you come across. The five factors on which you need to concentrate on are as follows:

  • Name tags:

One of the main parts of on page optimization is optimizing name tag that is title tag. There are lots of seo companies that forget to do this. Some time before it was possible for you to stuff Meta tags through keywords however now search engines have become much strict and you would be punishable for this. Therefore it is advisable for you to stick to around three each page.

  • Domain name:

The URLs that comprise of keywords have gained lots of significance in search algorithm. This requires you to be creative while deciding your domain name as this can help you to improve seo ranking. In case you would like to add one or more keyword in the domain name for raising your search results you should not compromise on usability. One thing you need to bear in mind is that search algorithm might change anytime however you would not be able to change the domain name.

  • Alt tags:

In seo videos, images as well as other multimedia are becoming very significant. In case you want to make use of these you need to ensure you are optimizing your alt tags through keywords as far as possible. Do not stuff keywords into Alt tags as this can have negative impact on user experience.

  • Keyword density:

Normally the keyword density should be one percent and make sure that you do not just the website content for search engine optimization. Try to meet the keyword density that is one percent and also concentrate on providing valuable as well as well written content that can be informative to users as this can improve seo ranking.

  • Stay away from black hat:

There are many companies that try to cheat by making use of black hat methods. These are the ones that can help you to improve seo rankings but then the results are temporary. Therefore it is essential that you check out the reviews as well as testimonials of the former clients. Do not assume all the company to be reliable rather checks their track record for delivering the results prior to opting for their services.

These are the components on which you need to pay attention to improve seo rankings.

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