A business that would like to have online presence need to have an online web presence. Having an online presence will not solve the purpose. To have sales, you need to propel some traffic to your site. This is done only when your site get popularized.

An online site would survive in the virtual business world, when it gets some quality traffic through the mode of internet. At some times, a site with striking content & carrying other additional features may not be successful if that particular web-site does not good driving traffic.

It might be a widely known fact that 80% of the net traffic comes through search engines & directories (proven by researchers). So, getting top in the search engines would help a business to propel some quality traffic which provides lovely amount of sales as a result a better ROI, and reach motive of a business. They can get listed top in search engines through some effective & efficient SEO techniques.

Search engine submission focus to getting more traffic towards your web-site.
I would like to share some of the Search engine optimization techniques which would generate huge volume of traffic in an effective manner.

Here in Search engine optimization, they must considered the following

• On page optimization
• Off page optimization

On page optimization is one of the basic steps of SEO which every webmaster should follow. On-page optimization refers the factors such as title tags, Meta tags, Alt tags amongst others, & making them suitable & reflective of the content you have on your pages. In on-page optimization they speak about design & content, where the content should be Unique, keyword should be rich in nature & SEO friendly.

Link building plays a crucial role in the off page optimization. Link building is the process of getting links from reliable resource which in turn acts as quality back links. Back links definitely help in increasing sites rank higher, in the event that they are built with relevancy & quality in mind. Some of the effective link building techniques which helps in driving traffic towards website are blogs, directories, articles, forums, press release, classified etc.

Articles offer you quality back links and quality content which always be a great way to build quality back links. All you require to do is write articles with right grammar & submit them to high PR relevant editorial directories. As increasingly people read your articles, they are chances to click on the link provided with it & visit your website.

Social bookmarking yet another awesome tactic to drive traffic for the website, although it is not providing permanent back-links but It helps in propelling sufficient amount of traffic towards website.

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